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I finally bit the bullet and bought one...


New Member
I finally got my 54" VersaCamm this week.... yippee

I can't believe how easy it is to use, both the machine and Versaworks. part of me wishes that i had gotten one a couple years ago, but the other part is glad that I have the new one with the MAX inks. I know people that have the older one with the first version of inks and have to clear EVERYTHING before it leaves the room. this stuff is dry before it hits the floor (thankfully)

I do have one issue with it, I'll ask about that in the Roland forum.


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Congrats! The Roland forum is an excellent place to get all kinds of helpfull information on how to properly run and maintain your printer.


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I got my SP300v about 3 months ago and love the work it produces. I don't know how I did things before.