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i guess i need some help too....


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i have already checked using fontexpert 3.0 and what the font......


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you are the man...

thanks!!!!! that was it. they all started looking alike after about an hour or so of staring at them!


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however, the "g" is exactly like the "y", with the exception of the top part of course, so you could edit the "g" to get an exact "y" and no one will know the difference. that should work???


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It's not Dom after all!

Jen...I downloaded the font viewer you suggested & as I was flipping through, I discovered the correct font for keptquiet :biggrin: It's Impress BT! Thanks for the tip...I'm having a blast going through the fonts! I have much more on my Corel CD than I had installed...this is like finding one more gift under the Christmas tree...LOL


Jen Goodwin

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It's a great viewer, isn't it. It's got filters so you can look through your serifs or sans serifs or just scripts. You can also make your own folders, like racecar lettering or kid fonts etc. I love it. Again, Thank You Letterhead Fonts :thumb:
But, Impress has the wrong 'g'. I wonder if there is a font out there with the right y and g?