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I LUV my Summa D60


I could not be happier with this unit. Thats all.

Now all I need is to get some friggen business as the credit card hit close to $6,000 USD. I have everything I need, except for an appl. tape dispensor.

I run from home so I have no rent, but starting up demands lots of cash.

Still need to get my cutting software. All I have is Corel Draw and Winplot and $1K in Vector Cliparts. It works, but Corel is not for a noob like me.

Thumbs up to SUMMA!
:U Rock:
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Hard to beat CoCut Pro if you're just cutting. I run Flexi now with my printer and cutter combo. I have a backup plotter though all ready to go with CoCut.

And don't feel bad about the tape dispenser. I still haven't got one and I have had to tape out stuff 10' or so all the time! It's still doable by yourself, just harder. With someone helping me though, I can lay down some pretty sick taping jobs without that dispenser.

Would like to get one soon though......


So I guess a good setup would be CoCut Pro and Corel. No need for expensive software like FlexiSign for small stuff like 24"x 18" signs like I plan on doing.

How much better is the CoCut Pro compared to the Summa WinPlot supplied with the cutter?

Thx all


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I think Corel and winplot will work fine for the type of signage
you will be doing. Sell some jobs to build up some money and
then deciede if you need better software.
Good Luck and have fun,


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Go with the old "run what you brung" theory for a while, and then build up as you need. You don't have to have everything at once, and time will let you decide what you need and what you don't. I know first hand. I felt the same way and bought some stuff that was unnecessary at best. The folks here will definitely help!!!!!


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Kirk, great info...but that guy was banned. He got stuck in the "noob wit a tude" file. :wink: