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I thought I did this yesterday!


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I don't know what happened, I went back to see if anybody had replied and I couldn't find the post! Anyway here goes again!

My name is Myron & I run a 2 man commercial sign shop in S.C. I started in the sign business about 11 years ago at a large electric sign company doing designs, layouts and patterns. Believe it or not, the first 2 years I was there, there wasn't a computer in the entire building.(there was a microfische in the back w/ PMS formulas for the paint dept. that the seventysomething year old owner was pretty sure was some kind of computer!) When we finnaly got the first computer with FlexiSign & a 48" ioline cutter, we thought we were in heaven. I learned alot about the business there and talked to a friend who owned a trophy & plaque business & he decided to start a Sign Division & let me run it! 5 years later we're starting to make a little money, I've got a full-time employee & I'm starting to find places like :signs101: to learn more about the ins & outs of some of the 'fancier' signs.

I've looked at a couple of threads that have taught me a thing or two, and I've responded to a few that maybe I had some good points to throw in!!

I look forward to reading everone's ideas & throwing a few of mine around too!