I wonder if this is worth it...

Fred Weiss

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The HS15 plotter is no longer manufactured but is one of the better plotters GSP ever made. The software is two major upgrades out of date and would cost four figures to update. The Edge is 9 or more years old and the cost of a single repair to it, when needed, is so prohibitively high that it isn't worth doing and reduces its value to whatever you can get out of it until it needs a repair. The 18 cartridges of foil are worth around $900.

If I were in the market for the package, I would offer no more than $3500.


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Heres the first two lines in the description. I took it to mean the edge was included:

***Gerber edge classic, works great, printhead is 100%. Gerber GS-15 plotter, Dell PIII 900 computer w/ 17" monitor, Gerber Omega software version 1.56 with USB dongle, 18 partially used foils.*****

Dont get me wrong Im not gonna buy it. I just thought someone else here might be interested. I know absolutely nothing about the edge system.



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[quote= :

I know absolutely nothing about the edge system.

Me neither, I just send my stuff to Fred and it will
magically appear in the mail.:thumb: