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icc or icm profiles in flexi?


New Member
whats the difference in icc profiles and icm profiles, or is there one?

i went to add the avery profiles to flexi 7.5 (and im new) and the extensions already in the profiles folder were .icm and the ones i added were .icc.

does this matter? whats the proper way to add new profiles? should they be added from the ad new in the drop down or just copied to the icc profiles folder? or does it matter?

im having problems getting my colors right on a JV3 on a brand new, clean install of Flexi 7.5 on a brand new PC. I cant even get close.

I just ordered a ColorSpan SpiderPro to calibrate my monitor but im WAY off, as in light blue is a real good purple.

Any suggestions? What is the first thing i should change on profiles to get the color right on a new install, other than add the ones for my media?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
In addition to Dale's information, FWIW, I will pass this along:

There's a shop up the street from me with the exact same situation. He resolved it by using the software that comes with the Mimaki instead of his signmaking software. He says it works pretty much perfectly and with very little problems.

Mike Paul

Super Active Member
I would suggest these settings.
In production mgr. go to the advanced tab. click color settings, render intent.
Set "spot color" for vector and "relative colorimetric" for bitmap.
Changing the setting for bitmap can make a huge difference.