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ICC Profiles


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So I'm using a SP-540V and well I'm finding that, because of age?, I'm having a hard time finding proper media profiles for my vinyl. (ie Arlon DPF 4560 GT).

Does anyone have a good resource of profiles to download? and if you can't find a proper profile what settings do you use? (Just for general vinyl printing no special materials)


canned profiles suck. Make your own. A small investment in a spectrophotometer can go a long way.


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I've probably used an entire roll testing different profiles and tweaking them over the years. I found that 3M-IJ180-C was pretty close using Flexi for my SP-300V. But had to tweak it some using an i1 to get it "perfect". I use that profile 99% of the time unless I am printing a graphic from Aurora that is blue since it makes it print purple.


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Pick any profile that suits your needs..or edit the profile to suit etc. YOU TELL YOUR PRINTER HOW MUCH INK TO LAY DOWN!! it doesn't tell you