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Iecho and their customer relation ship


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I have a new Iecho TK3S for a few weeks. I don't have any problems with the machine but I have a few problems with Iecho company and with their new dealer from my country. The deadline was 60 days after the first part of payment but the machine came 4 months after the deadline and it came with 9cm scratch and the paint pale of from one spot. The Chinese technician took pictures of that. After the installation, I had to pay the last 10%. I told the dealer lets to find out a solution, they were 4 months late, there were damages on the machine and I have to pay the last 10%. I was counting on the machine and I did arrange jobs which I had to outsource to other companies. They made contact to Iecho and explain my position but Iecho didn't care about my issues and they told them how many machines they produced over the plan and how they are building a new bigger factory. They also insisted that I have to pay the last 10% immediately. The next morning a message popped on their software IBrightCut that the software will stop to work in less than 5 days. I didn't want to test that so I paid the amount immediately and sent dealer the bank transfer info and they did the same and paid to Iecho. The dealer told me that everything is fine now and the softer will continue to work. The day after that the software was blocked. I called the dealer and told them about that and after few hours two files came on my email without any instructions. An hour after we somehow manage the system to work. So I'm not sure what to do now. Should I sue the dealer? I believe they are also a victim of this situation which was caused by Iecho. Since I'm in EU I don't think I can do anything against Iecho. Any suggestion?

Christian @ 2CT Media

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how did you get on with this cutter ?
Avoid! Find a branded reseller like CWT if you go this route. iEcho is a nightmare to deal with for after service. They have great people there but you will be stuck holding the bag when the inevitable goes wrong.

The person we sold ours too, paid to convert it to a CWT class machine to get support.