Need Help If Avery cast vinyl gets wet, will adhesive still work when it dries?

Venture Studio

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Asking because I just finished installing a big piece of Avery on a garage door but was not able to apply it into the recesses before a surprise thunderstorm came through.

The adhesive side is wet in places now, and I’m wondering if I can let it dry out if it will still stick? Obviously not going to apply it until it dries. Will it still work??
Or does this mean a reprint.
Yes should be fine once dry, I have had masked pieces get wet, then the backing paper could not be removed as it was sticking to the glue. I dried it out overnight and it was fine, paper was a bit wrinkled but it came off clean and the decals stuck no problem.


Yes........ Years ago I was applying Avery RS, a printed cut logo on a car hauler at Daytona. As soon as I leveled the first side it poured rain. Applied both sides with the rain like App Fluid.
They were fine once the sun dried things out...