If you are sublimating shirts..... you will like this


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I just started doing sublimation and I realized that using foam to prevent paper edge trail sucks.

I think I found a pretty easy and cheap solution to it.

Replacement silicone heat resistant pad!
Yes, the same pad that is already on the heat press

I ordered one from ebay, cut it to size (12.25" wide and 20" long) and I have put it in the middle of the press, right on the one that is already there.
I have Ricoh 7100 which prints up to 13x21, which allows me to have all 4 sides hanging of the extra piece of the silicone pad.

I use Hortonix Fusion and I have added 3/8" pad. I would suggest you to use 1/4" one, because this one is a bit too thick, the minimum pressure right now is 3 on my press, can not back it off any more
With a 1/4" pad you would have more control.

And yes, the pad does not move when you place it on the top of the existing one.

Hopefully, this will help someone down the road.
No edge marks at all, just a bit of a shine from heat pressing the shirt that will disappear after a first wash.

Enjoy the foam free pressing
(You might still need foam for a smaller pieces or just buy more silicone and make smaller pieces)


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