IJ-35c Sticking Problem


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We use TONS of IJ-35 through our VP-540i for our basic stuff. It seems lately though that we have had a few customers having problems with double sided signs printed with IJ-35 sticking to eachother and leaving ink when pulled apart. The orders that have come back had been sitting in the shop for a few days without problems before the customers picked up so they have had ample time to air dry. Both customers said something about this happening while the signs were in transport in their cars. I'm guessing it has something to do with the warmer weather. I have my dryer settings up there and these were all printed on standard quality so the ink coverage wasn't crazy. Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening again or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!


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With the assumption that they were not laminated, I imagine they would have to outgas for extended periord of time prior to stacking. I would not stack them without slipsheeting them even after the extra time for outgasing/drying.

B Snyder

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If you aren't going to laminate you must include instructions to your customer that the prints can NEVER touch face-to-face.