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illustrator contour cut setup question


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I want to setup a file in my computer, in illustrator cs2, to go to my bosses computer with a versacamm 300 and versaworks rip.
How do I setup the file for a contour cut? Right now my file has a JPG of the graphics and a vector outline where I want the cut line to be.
Do I create a mask, or no? What extension do I save it as? If I can save as an AI, do I have to save as a legacy for versaworks to read it?
Or can it even be done through Illustrator?
Any help will be appreciated....


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gROUND cHUCK said:
...Any help will be appreciated....

Any help? eeeeeeeeeeyah, well here's my theory ----

Seems that you should be able to label your vector outline as a "ContourCut" spot color and save it as a AI, EPS or PDF in your current version of Illustrator and the VersaCAMM rip will/should recognize it in any of those formats.

Masking the JPG would make it look pretty on screen. However it would keep the VersaCAMM from printing outside the lines --- which may or may not be important for bleeding colors off the imprint area. (My preference is to bleed colors so I don't end up with a thin white line around the edges.)

We've got our computers at work networked with a VersaCAMM 540 and VersaWORKS installed on a remote computer. The VersaCAMM, however, is installed as a network printer on all work stations. We simply print from Illustrator et al, and it magically appears in the setup dialogue box of the VersaWorks RIP on the remote computer.


Side Note: The ContourCut Spot Color can be saved in the default palette of Illustrator by opening the default palette as a document > create the spot color in your color preference > save back to the original location.

That way you'll have it in the color swatches everytime you create a new document.

Drip Dry

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You can setup cutlines from illustrator.
It involves installing the swatch file from your versaworks disk to the swatch library in illustrator.
Once installed, you select your vector line and then choose the cut contour that you added from the disk. It shows up as a pink highlight.

If you have the Quick start guide, it explains it all on page 48

If you don't have the book, send me a fax # and I'll send you the pages. (Please don't make me type it in)



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I have attached a pdf file from the Roland site explaining how to contour cut in Illustrator CS / CS2


  • AI_CS_-_How_To_Contour_Cut_(03.08.2005).pdf
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Thanks everyone for your responses. I figured out what to do.
I don't have versaworks here on my comp, so I just set it up
most of the way here on my comp. and finished it on
my bosses comp. Worked out fine. Thanks again....