Illustrator CS4 Problem with viewing fonts


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Hopefully someone here can help me. My problem is when Im in Illustrator and I type something I cant cycle thru my different fonts. When I use the directional arrow down or up to got through my fonts, after about 5-10 fonts it starts to repeat itself, and I cannot preview all the fonts.

So basically, I cannot preview all my fonts using the directional key without it starting over after about 5-10 fonts.

This is driving me crazy if somebody could help I'd really appericiate it.


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Got it! Had to delete my Illustrator Preference Settings Folder and restart Illustrator.


I have similar problems with fonts in Illustrator CS (v11):

1) There are certain installed fonts that can not be accessed through the Character Palette but can only be accessed through the Font Menu bar. One example is A&S Marquee Extended, in the Character Palette it shows 2 copies of A&S Marquee and when each one is selected they both access A&S Marquee only but in the Font Menu it shows the regular version A&S Marquee and the A&S Marquee Ext and accesses each correctly.

2) There are certain fonts which Illustrator cannot access at all. One example is Arial, which I have installed about 10 versions, bold, light, italic, etc. but Illustrator will only access Arial Black and Arial Narrow, even though the others are installed and every other program accesses them just fine.

3) When you install additional fonts they sometimes display in a separate list on the bottom of the main list of fonts in the Character Palette and sometimes they are added in alphabetical order on the main list. I would think that they would all go to the regular alphabetical order.

Does anyone have any idea how to cure any of these little annoyances? I cannot find the "missing glyph protection" in the type preferences that was referred to above. Is that only for CS4?