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Illustrator, how to create / cut text with a stroke effect ?


New Member
I apologize for the very newbie question, especially it being my first :)

I am using FlexiSTARTER edition that came with my plotter for cutting the art work; but I am using ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR 10 for the design. What I am trying to do seems rather simple.

A) I have basic font TEXT.
B) I am trying to create a stroke effect around the letters.
C) I am trying to cut this text where as the text inside will be cut out and the actual stroke effect will create the outlines of the letters.

This is where I am running into problems. I can only get the plotter to cut the letters but not the actual stroke effect. I realize that I need to convert something to outlines - but I can't figure out the exact process step by step.

Can someone please help?


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Set your stroke as you want it to be and then

  • Select text and Type Menu > Create Outlines (Control +Shift + O)
  • Object Menu > Path > Outline Stroke

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
I skipped Illustrator 10. Does it not have the "expand" options under the Object menu? That's what I use for converting outline strokes into editable paths within IllustratorCS2, even though the Outline Stroke command is still there.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Yes it's there. I just tend to work with individual steps rather than multi-step features like Expand.