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illustrator outline cuting

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
You need to work with us a little bit here John. You have nothing filled out in your profile to give us any clue as to your software and hardware lineup and, not to say it isn't done, but it is unusual for anyone to cut directly from Illustrator.


New Member
sorry about that i am really new with this i havent even gottin a vynil plotter yet im just tryin to get everything lined up so i know what to do when i do get it

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The usual problems are in not understanding the difference between a separate vector outline and a stroked path. Strokes won't cut and must be converted to outlines in Illustrator before they can be used to output to a plotter. Object Menu > Path > Outline Strokes

You may also, depending on the software you are using, need to convert your text to outlines. Type Menu > Create Outlines

Fill out your profile. It saves those of us willing to help a lot of time.