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Does Anyone Have Imageroz? It Is A New Vectorizing And Font Recognition Software. Does It Work As Well As Advertised? I Believe It Is $600.


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Do a search for this program via the seach option at top of this page. There you will find all information/postings about this program.


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I've Checked Out The Site Before, But Was Just Wondering If Anyone Is Using It And If It Works As Well As Advertised.


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A simple search for Imagaro Z will bring up the following:


Under one of the three listed - Vecotrizing forum you will see Ocean Designs said:

Ocean Designs said:
Imagaro Z is not worth the bite it will take out of your pocket. Last year at the LB NBM show I was looking at there software. He continued to use the same image of the eagle to "trick" people that his software really worked. I figured for the price I better give it a true kick in the tires. I told him that I will be bringing a business card that gave me so much trouble when I was just starting.

The deal was simple if he could vectorize it as simply as he claimed he could, I would buy the SW right there. Next day came I gave him the card. He scaned and then proceeded to spend the next 2 hours trying to vectorize it. It got to the point that he even shut off the TV screen behind him so people couldnt see.

The end was was quickly realized by my bank account when I still had over $600 in it. Pointless to say I didn't buy the software.

Later by a recomendation from Fred, I tried Vikining Arts. They used to have a promotion where your first image was free. So, I used my freebee on the same image that Imagaro Z could NOT do successfully. When I got it back the next day I was VERY HAPPY!! It was a perfect cut. In fact I took the first cut back to that very same customer who thew me out his door oh so long ago for not being able to do the work for him, and showed him what I was capeable of now.

That customer wound up buying over $500 worth of vinyl work from me that day and quickly wrote a deposit check for it too.

The $11 I would have spent for that vectorization would be far WISER money spent. Then if I had spent $600 on something that would have continued to cost me in wasted time on some software that didn't work any better then the Flexi tools. Since then I have had tons of images sent to viking arts, never being dissatisfied.
My cost on the service is over 100% profit, because I charge the customer $35 right off the bat for any work required on an image submitted by them. And the price for Viking has never been over that. More importantly, then profit in cost, I gain a great profit in TIME SAVED and creditablity.

Do the math and decide for your self. Logic will prevail if the light is turned on.