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Importing AI & eps

SC Troph&Signs

New Member
I have the latest ver of VMP & when I import an AI or EPS that is over about 1 meg it just comes up blank in the import window.

Is there a max size file that can be imported.

I have tried it on 3 different computers from a P333 to a P1.7 with plenty of ram?


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Bad File?

Were you able to view the file in anything at all? If you have Illustrator, open up the file and save it in a lower format. If you do not have illustrator, send me the file and I'll see if there is anything in the file.



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If all else fails Ask Shaun

I like Jerid's idea but when all else fails, I put on my dunce cap and send Shaun Morrell at VMP an e-mail and he answers correctly and promptly.

One (USA) Sunday morning I was having a problem. I sent him an e-mail and by Sunday afternoon he had sent back a reply with a fix. Wow I thought that is great service and it was - but I also noted that the e-mail was dated Monday the next day.

I can send him an e-mail in the middle of the night and he is at work!? Cool.

Way to go TO OUR MATES DOWN UNDER - half a day or more ahead of us Americans!


By the way, the AI / EPS viewer in VMP is great for browsing CD's with these two Adobe formats.