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importing files


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Hello All! I am new to this site, and new to the sign bus. I'm just learning to use signlab 6.0 and am wondering how i go abouts importing a file..namely jpeg. I've gotten the file into signlab, and now my dilemna is separating the file and vectorizing it so that i may cut by color.

Another problem i cant solve with sign lab is...how do i do a "jog" to view exactly what my plotter is going to cut, so that I can make sure that none of my pieces are overlapping and what not. (i was previously using signlab 4.95 and was able to do this "jog").


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mander, do you have the module for vectorizing in signlab? If not, you'll have to purchase before you can vectorize.

I personally have found vectorizing to be a challenge, regardless of what software I'm using. It takes alot of practice and playing around with the different functions while scanning in signlab. If you do have the vectorizing function, get out your manual and refer to it, it will be a big help in explaining, then practice, practice, and more practice.

Seeing I haven't vectorized in a while in signlab, if I remember correctly you bring your bitmap image into signlab, as you have, and double click it. The scan functions should appear at the top of the page.

The vectorizing functions are also available on the left side with all your different tool buttons. I don't have signlab in front of me now, but I think the vector button resembles a 3d triangle near the bottom.

If all else fails, www.vikingarts.com will vectorize your image at a reasonable cost and make it ready for you to cut.



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Also bear in mind, there may be more than one vectorise module (There is in Signlab 5). The basic module will only let you scan a greyscale (2 colour) bitmap whereas the advanced module will let you scan a colour bitmap and choose how many vectored colours you end up with