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importing lxi files into flexi 7.5


New Member
yes iam trying to import lxi files into flexi and it will not identify them and i was was wondering how to do that? i am try to swich over so i can run everyting to flexi. Thanks:thankyou:

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
You'll have to export your artwork to a different format, such as EPS, Adobe Illustrator or perhaps DXF. The choice will be determined on how Flexi imports each of the format flavors exported.

Software incompatibility is one of the major reasons why I tend to double up designs in at least two apps (typically Corel and Flexi). If you're using an application that suddenly stops getting developed your legacy files could become worthless in a short amount of time. For elaborate, original pieces of vector artwork and original logo designs, I'll archive the finished design in several formats.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Actually there's an easier way.

Because LXI is just a private label version of Flexi, you can simply change the extensions on the files from .VE to .FS. Flexi will then see them and should be able to open them.