Need Help Industrial Sewing Machine supplies/mechanics

Moth Adams

New Member
Howdy y'all!

Our industrial machine isn't new, but I'm the first one using it in 3 years. (Highlead GC20518-B Twin Needle Lockstitch) I'm trying to figure out what kind of basics we should keep on hand besides the obvious needles, thread and oil.So far my list is just: needle screws (already thought I lost one - luckily it had just fallen into the bobbin area.)

For full color banners, do you generally hem with white/clear, or try to match thread color to the print?
We have a consumer-level machine we've been using for fabric banner hemming, and we have been matching thread color with those (since consumer spools of thread are so cheap.)

With the industrial machine we'll be hemming the fabric banners still and also hemming vinyl banners (to double up the layer of material the grommets will go through.)

Also - at what point do you call in a mechanic? The right needle isn't picking up the bobbin thread and is snapping the needle thread at the needle eye. The next thing I have to try is adjusting the hook timing - something that is best left to the professionals?