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New Guy Inexpensive Heat Transfer for cotton or cotton blends


New Member
I'm trying to work my way into the printing business but I had no idea how much there was to know about it. I have a more than full time business now but it's quite physically demanding and on my next birthday I'll be hitting the big SIXTY mark. I thought the garment decorating business would be fun to get into and certainly less physically challenging as this old fart gets older!

I was hoping someone could tell me the best bang for the buck as far as either latex ink, eco solvent ink or toner transfers. I tried conde's laser transfers and they look great as long as you don't bend over or wave at someone and stretch the material. If you're not careful the transfer will crack while you're putting the shirt on for the first time. So instead of purchasing and testing every product out there I thought I would ask the pro's! Any tips for the newbie would be awesome!