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Info about Epson pprinters


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I was a Latex user for the last 8 years, coming from a Roland 540 machine. I am relatively happy with the Latex 310 machine but it starts to show it's age and SMK1 it's coming :)

I was thinking to buy an Epson machine. A 40 or a 60 series. What I usually print? Especially small decals/labels on Avery 3000 media and backlits A1 to A0 format (high quality and fast delivery required for that part).

Can some one advice in that direction and help me chose?

- what can be the problems with the latest solvent Epsons? (i was reading stories about cyan banding)
- what are the real speeds for printing small text and very colorful backlits?



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I am particulary interested in backlits films. As far as I remember on Roland you need double prints for a good result. On Latex 315 I use 16 pases for o very good result, but it takes about 4 sq meters per hour. What about S40 or S60?


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We use a setting in our Onyx RIP to increase the ink density across all channels and still print at 6 pass.