Info needed on routing HDU

It seems that when we start doing something new, that suddenly everyone wants it.

I am going to starting routering out some test pieces in HDU this weekend and wondered if anyone who is doing HDU now could tell me what range for feed rate and spindle speed you operate at? And suggestions for types of bits to use too. I have single flute upcuts and ballnoses that I will be playing with this weekend.

We will be doing some routered HDU signs for the local school, nothing big, 30"x10". And today we got in a job to do 2 - 46"x42" signs for a local deli, again in HDU. Be some interesting projects, and hopefully once they are up, we can push some more dimensional signage around here.


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Dusty stuff. Get ready for a scratchy throat.
We cut 15 lb Signfoam and Precision Board HDU's at 1.5 IPS with Onsrud spiral upcut 1/4" bits. Spindle speed at 22,000 rpms.
Thanks for the info on the settings to start with when I do some cuts this weekend.

Also, what on average do you charge for dimensional signage?? Below is what one job will kind of look like, layout isn't finished yet, and I know I forgot a number in the time, but I took home a dxf of the job to build it in 3D to see what it would look like and I couldn't edit anything.


Dennis Raap

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HDU is easy to cut I run 250 in/min at 19,000 rpms.

I use .5" up cut bits for large areas and finish up with smaller bits in the tight areas.

If your software has the capability you can use bits that have different angles to do V Groove or Prismatic effects for letters and other objects. :Cool 2:
The software can do v grooves, just haven't gotten around to messing with it yet. And with the size of the sign, gettinga .5" upcut probably would be a good idea, hadn't though about that.
I have been real happy with ArtCAM, I have seen some other software for designing for routers and they didn't seem near as easy to use.