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I've been looking at some plotters and was wondering if anyone can give me any info on a Sign Max Plotter 30"
Come with 07 softwear. WinPcsign Pro, Automatic Vetorisation Tool.
Thanks very much.



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If you must buy equipment, DONT GET THE CHEAP CHINESE STUFF! Get a brand name machine like Roland, Graphtec, IOLine, Summa, Gerber etc.. Dont start off with bad equipment!


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There are purists of course..they believe the brand name means everything.
I've had Sony equipment fail on me..
I have used a chinese plotter for 3 years now( Creation CT 630 - 24 inch machine)..there have been a few minor annoyances..mostly with the supplied WinPC sign letter 12program. With the new winpc pro..you will have all you need. It's true, I have no experience with these "high-end" plotters.
My machine costs about 1/3 of the others and does all that it needs to do.
Check out www.signmax.us


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Well lets say I have had a cheap machine and that is exactly what they are, CHEAP. Upgraded to a graphtec and would never go back. You might get luck with one but that is all it is luck. 90% of the people that buy them complain about them. Save yourself some headaches and buy a good machine to start with, you wont regret it. Also look on other forums as well, there is always a few used for sale and cheaper than the new price.

Just remember the cheap machines are basically a hobby machine and not meant to put out the amount of vinyl we do in the sign business.


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GVG..It looks like Henry Ford is looking to Toyota to bail him out.(It's the unions taking them down....same as GM)
Quality..made in JPA. Used to be that people would scoff at Japan products.
Where did we go wrong? Some say they are imitators, thieves...
optimizers? My cheap cutter...cuts.
I'm betting that Shane buys the more expensive machine.


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If you need a machine for business, stay away from "no brand" cheap chinese machines! If it is for occasional use hobby kind of thing, sure, go for it.

These cheap machines usualy have poor or non existent support, they are noisy and a bit crude. But they do cut vinyl.

If you are looking for production machine, I think that you are better off geting a used Roland, Graphtec, Ioline or simillar. These are the work horses of the industry! When I started my company I picked up used Roland CM 400 for 1200 bucks. One of the best purcases of my life!


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Wow thanks for helping. I figured that's what you all where going to say.
Just like an airbrush or spray gun you get what you pay for.
After looking into the Sign Max I didn't think it was going to be that bad.
Lot of people having problem with them and software.

Some more questions I have now. Boy this is fun.
Made in the good old USA is what I want.
So is the stuff from Sign ware house pretty good stuff?
Like the Endura Cut Plus? Think it comes with Flexisign starter.
Now is this Flexi on the lines as Photo Ill. or others?
I do plan on getting Photo Ill., but can I get started with Flexi?

Maybe this will help far as what I'm looking for. I airbrush and looking for something to cut my masks to help with not spending the hours to do it by hand. I understand I have learning to do. So at first I won't be as fast.
I also would like to start making Vinyl decals or what ever. Just something good to learn the rope and then upgrade to a bigger and better one.
Also 24" one good to start with? Do I really need a stand to start with?
Thanks for all the help. I'm already glad I found this place.

shane i would recommend that you buy corel X3 i have flexi, gerber, and a multitude of other programs..99.9% of the time we use corel in most cases you can download a driver and cut from it as well and if not you can buy a bridge program like co cut. a great savings but also a great tool


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I can understand your interest in signs, I was into airbrush as a hobby and found a sign mag at a local book store then I got the sign bug. I have one Vega 2000 now and I'm interested in doing more airbrush this year even if it's just my own stuff. Order a subscription to signcraft, I still go back over old issues.