Need Help *Ink Drop-Out* PLEASE HELP!


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Hi All,

I have an Epson SureColor S80600.

I noticed my prints coming out greenish. Did a nozzle check and saw that none of the Light Magenta nozzles were firing on head #1. All the other colors are perfect on head #1 and head #2 including the Light Magenta on head #2. It's weird because it happened so suddenly.

Tried automatic head cleaning (heavy), manual head cleaning, head flush with cleaning cartridges, rebooting printer, and still all my nozzle checks are the same: perfect everywhere except nothing in that LM spot on head #1.

Has anybody experienced this before on an Epson or any other solvent printer?

I've been on hold with Epson support for about 14 years so I'm trying to get this ball moving, so I can get back up and running.