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i was reading a thread from 2005..can someone tell me if i need to worry about this topic , i am running a sp540 and versa works..thanks
It sounds like you may have your ink limits set to high, or your heater is not running high enough. My printers are dry to the touch by the time they come off the printer. For some reason Roland sets the ink limits way high on their profiles (normally 300-400). If you drop your ink limit down to 130-150 you will not only use less ink, it will dry MUCH quicker, the prints will look better while being more durible... High ink limits cause the ink droplets to spill into each other and also scratches easier.

Most of my profiles ink limits are set at 135 and I normally run the heater around 118F.
You should take a Roland Color Management class to learn about your printer, profiles, heat settings, and what is needed to get the best print quality. Ink limits are set to specific levels for a reason - best quality. Your ink droplets are running together because your heat setting is set too low. If you have drying issues use a box fan to help dry the prints, this work well to help dry. Your Dryer heater is set to 118F, but what is your Print Heater set to? Great scratch resistance comes from proper heat settings - too low will scratch easily.