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alright, so my blue stopped printing on my SP-300 the other day, so i cleaned everything and then did a test print. the blue came out fine. Perfect. As i was printing a rather large image, the blue dropped out again. Looking at the lines i noticed that there was a large pocket of air in the blue line. So i used my syringe to pull the ink back through until it came through the damper, and it proceeded to print fine. 3/4 of the way through my next image, blue drops out again. I replace the damper, hoping this will fix the problem. Doesnt work. It will print fine for a little while, then blue drops out and leaves large puddles of ink on the vinyl. I've checked everywheres else, and there isnt any more leaks, only when it prints and starts to mess up. It seems that it only comes through when it wants to, and when it does it brings too much ink through and creates a mess. Would this be a pump issue? All the other lines seem to be fine.
What pump do you have? If it's the new style it should be good, if it's the old style check for ink around the pump...sure give away of bad hoses in the pump (replace with new style). When you pulled ink did you get air bubbles in the syringe? If so, you have a air leak ie: Loose brass fitting(s) on dampers or loose connection on the ink lines themselves. Also, replace the CapTops while you're replacing ($25 ea). Check the color on your test print, if the colors are not "normal" then definatly replace the captops, your ink may be siphoning from a full cartridge to an empty cartridge - yes, this happens when a captop is swelled. But, mostly it sounds like a break in the line - take the top off and search for ink pooled up around the ink lines as they travel back to the cartridges..and check the connection at the cartridge (I've had these come loose before). Good luck!


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For your problems, maybe the issued by
1. pump, you can change new pump;
2. cap top, change it too;
3. tube, it looks like the tube was not tight enough. re contact them.
Good luck

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We did change the pump to the newer style already. I just stripped the machine down and pulled the ink through the line again, this way i can see the entire line. There is no leaks anywhere in the machine. I also noticed that where the damper connects to the head (that little black "prong" it sits on) there was a small plastic ring left on the tip. Doing a little more investigation leads me to believe this ring came off of the old damper that i just changed, and stupid me didnt see it when I installed the new one. Having that plastic prevented the new damper from sitting properly on the "prong" (so technical, I no lol) and thats why air was leaking in. iv'e printing a 15" long test peice, and so far no problems whatsoever. I think it may have worked... knock on wood. Thanks guys for the help, without your inputs i would still be banging my head against the wall. :banghead:
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if you are still using cartridges it problably is running out of ink, what I did (when i was using cartridges) is that I took a syringe and put air in the cartridge 1 or 2 times the amount of that syringe it worked fine, if the pump is sucking the ink when there is not more air the cartridge will fill back with air from the cap tops and of course the will will go back, now since I am using refillable cartridges with jetbesusa inks I have not had that problem since them.


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