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Ink Static ?


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Hi I'm kind of new on the Digital printing and wandering if somebody can help me out, I'm printing with my JV33-130 Mimaki and when I do it gives me kind of static on Vinyl, What would be the reason I'm getting kind of ink static on my printing and it goes over the pinch roller and leaves mark behind, any help I will appreciated at advance Thanks!


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you could try some anti static tinsel to help discharge some of the static of the material as it enters the printer, or if the printer is located in a somewhat enclosed area get a humidifier to increase the humidity of the room.

White Haus

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When I first read your description I was going to assume overspray due to static but that looks pretty strange.

Does it always do this? What is the temperature/humidity in your shop?

Dryness/static is always worse in the winter so we have an in-line humidifier on our hvac system and regularly hose down the floor throughout the day. Happy place is around 50-55% humidity for us.


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BrDesign: This is the first time it dose that and I was thinking if it could be the heads, , HausTemp . in my shop is about 60 Heat- Pre 48C Print 42C Post 50C. Thanks to reply to my Post. I will consider your input!