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Inkbased printer suggestions

Luke Burrowes

New Member
Hello all,

Currently, I work for a municipalities sign shop where we make street signs primarily/some custom stuff for city events. We have been looking at buying something like the TrafficJet which would give the city an ability to print all sorts of event signage/banners and possibly vehicle wraps.

I am using an Ioline IS-130 that is...in need of replacing sooner than later. The only two inkbased printers I've really found are the TrafficJet and the Roland VG-540 but really have no in depth knowledge of pros or cons to them.

Any suggestions or recommendations on what anyone thinks would work best is appreciated!


New Member
If you are looking for permanent, warranted traffic signs with up to 15 years outdoor durability and anti-graffiti properties, then TrafficJet is the system you are looking for. Many DOT's in the US already use this system due to it's versatility, warranties and service provided.