Inkjet ROI ideas please!


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Hi there, im new on this forum but I think I have just found the kind if people I have been looking for so long here at my city.

I just bought an Epson 9700 Pro 44" to replace my Old Workhorse Kodak 1200i 60" (since Kodak is in chapter 11 i just can’t found any inks or cartridges) so I thougth it was time to move on from my 720 aparent Fpi to a real 1440 dpi printer.

Epson was my best option for this indoor prints, I have compared whit Canon IPF models or similar HP models and it seems like the right choice, but because I was used to limit my self on the uses of my old inkjet printer I was only using it to print poster and a few ocasional vynil that I laminate and mount on PVC. Now with this resolution and speed I think I can get more services to my clients, but Im truly rusty on ideas, so I need to hear what other aplications I can give it to it. I all ready think on:



Canvas Art

Laptop Skins (I still don’t know the right material to it)

Fast Large Photos for Wedding receptions, funerals or Sweet Sixteen Partys (Quinces Partys)

I also own 252 Xerox Docucolors, so small magnets are done in this machines. A Graphtec Vynil Cutter with optic on it and a Catena 12" hot laminator was my best option to the Laptop Skins project (even if I still dont know the best way to do it, my Seiko 510 pigmented printer was the other option, but the 720 aparent dpi is not my best option I think even if its pigmented outdoor ink).

I hope you can help me out with ideas to get the most of my new Epson so I can get a faster ROI of it. Profit or die...*