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Inspire Software & Chisel Fonts.

Steve C.

New Member
Anyone out there have any info for us about using Chisel/Multipart fonts in Inspire?

Here is a message from Colin in another thread, incase anyone missed it. We would appriciate some help.

Hi Steve, I thought I'd post this here in case someone else has the same problem.
As you know I purchased the EDORAS font from you last night - thanks!
I am having a problem though. Using your well explained tutorial, I'm finding that the bevels 1 & 2 and the face version don't match the size of the "regular" face, and therefore the kerning is way off too.

I'm using Inspire 1.6, and there are 4 different kerning modes: Standard, Auto, Custom and None. I've tried all of these and the problem is the same.

Any ideas? (I suspect it has to do with a slight change in the letter height, but I don't know how to remedy this).


New Member
I also run Inspire (XPpro version). Type out whatever it is in the chisel font, weld>join. Ungroup & seperate, use the arrow key --> to custom space. & the inline-outline tool or path edit to change the chisel bevel. Hope this helps.