Installation problem


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I have an install coming up with two sets of channel letters on raceways one above the other. They are going on the mansard part of the roof with 65 degree angle and metal ridged roofing. I have two installers working on it and they both disagree as to how to install. We are having adjustable brackets made for the angle but the argument has one saying it should mount directly to and rest on the metal ridges of the roofing material and the other says we need pads to bring the sign brackets even so the sign does not crush the ridges of the metal roofing and screw directly to the roof joists. Any help would be appreciated.

John L

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Verify that the roof isnt bonded before you install anything.

Could be either. If its a standing seam roof (no exposed fasteners), most times the panels are of an adequate gauge to support the weight, then we usually screw into the top of the seam. If its an esposed fastener (overlap panel) type roof then B is correct, they are more prone to crushing the ridges down.

Be sure to seal with Urethane, Dicor, Lap Sealant or whatever sealer is recommended for the roof you are working on.