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Installing TTF in SignLab5

Steve C.

New Member
I don't use SignLab, I have a customer who purchased my fonts that needs help. Can some one give me speciffic instructions for installing True Type Font into SignLab so that I can help him and maybe post the information on my web site for SignLab users.

Steve Contreras


New Member
Steve- If I'm understanding your question- how do you install TTF in SignLab?- just do this:


When the screen comes up, I click the 1st 3 Font Formats.
In the "Look In", I just leave it as C:\ then click "Search".
When the search is done just scroll through the list and highlight the one(s) you want (if there are several that you want just hold the CTRL key to pick individual fonts. When you have all you want simply click "Close".

Occassionally (not always), I will be prompted to chose a default font- don't know why but just do what it says.

That's it- hope this helps.:peace: