Interesting question on copyright ... partial public domain


Art! Hot and fresh.
Customer came in the shop and wanted a Betty Boop graphic done ... well interesting point, Betty boop pre-1941 or something like that is public domain, after that, is trademarked. Dude doesn't want to pay what I would have to charge for a 6 foot Betty 'pinup' on both sides of his rig so not an issue there since it won't be produced ... but still .. good question topic.

Question is ... since the trademark protects a brand in current and future derivatives of the original (so in betty's case ... 1941 to anything in the future) would it still be ok to reproduce the pre1941 art? is it limited to only that if so? and can I make derivatives (betty in odd outfits like spec ops uniforms, etc)?

From the way the legaleez is stated ... pretty much a direct repro of only the public domain would be allowed ... anything new or different not. Love to see what you guys think.