Interior Block Wall... Tips?


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I may have to install a 3x5 printed/laminated decal (probably use 3165RA & 210) on a painted interior block wall...

I am not sure what the best way is to handle the mortar grooves between the blocks.

ANy tips?
can you mount it on a piece of 1/4'" clear plexi with some nice brass or chrome stand offs..

if not plex, why not use dibond with nice stand offs


ha ha, just so happens that i laid down three seperate panels 9'x6' wide on painted cinder blocks. i was very nervous going into this but all turned out good. i learned better technique on panel plus got much faster on each panel. i used 3651 with 210 semi gloss laminate, there is really no need for the air release with the textured suface of the painted blocks. the way i went about it was to line the panel up tape it to the wall about 1' down on each side. fold the top edge down and peel back about 3-4" of vinyl and cut off backing paper. then lay down with the felt sqeegee. pull tape off the sides then reach under and peel the backing paper down and sqeegee or us a stiff roller and a heat gun, roll the vinyl onto the first row of blocks (blocks only). now hear is where i had problems is getting into the grout lines, there is a product called a rolle pro, which i am sure would have worked nicely for this but i don't have one yet. so i took a 6" sgeegee and wrapped some cloth around it so it was about as thick as the grout lines, i would then start at the top, heat the grout line and then put the corner of the cloth covered sqeegee at the top of the line and hinge it down the crack. try not to go down and cover the horizontal line, because this will need to be done next (same method). then move down to the next row and repeat. it went so good, many people think it is painted on. i know i should have used cast material to help it conform better, but they were on a budget and did not want the extra expense. if i do another one i will probably find more tricks, but this worked not too bad for me. i only have a few years experience in this trade, so i am sure there are better ways that the many pros on this site may chime in with.

hope this helps a bit, sorry for being so long winded.


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The only concern I would have with using this material is it wanting to lift from the grout lines. If those are deep, stretching it into them may give you fits later on. If you possibly can, ease them into the groove so the stretching is minimal and definitely heat the material while installing so it goes into the porous(sp) areas and post heat the entire thing when done.