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All right, I grew up in the electrical sign business and have been employed in it full time since 1982. I pushed a broom and did cut and coat and worked my way through the trade. I have made my pay as a spray painter, sheetmetal man and most everything else. Though I would consider myself an outside man. I have been foreman, General Manager and owner.

I am a Florida licensed Electrical Sign Contractor.

I have always enjoyed the graphics end of signs. But, I also lacked the skill. I did do some of the patterns by hand for channel letters to be cut out and also neon and install patterns. I also did some lettering and cut all of the face masking by hand.

I didn't get into the computer graphics until 1998 or 1999 when I had to let our graphics guy go and couldn't get a good replacement quick. I had to pull out the manual for Graphix Advantage and learn from scratch.

I still suck at all the programs. But, along the way I learned my way around Corel and some of the Adobe and Macromedia programs. I have Signlab and Flexisign at my disposal. Though I don't actually need them for work. I also have one of those chinese plotters (Creation PCUT 630) at home to toy with. Though I don't really make any money with that.

Located in Broward County Florida.