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Ioline Super 88?


New Member
I just want to say this forum has been great and very helpful.

Now my next question...

How is the Ioline Super 88 plotter? I have the opportunity to get one, but I have been considering getting a Graphtec. The Ioline is used and a 50-some inch cutter used versus a new 24" graphtec.

Can anyone provide more information or product reviews?




New Member
I have used the super 88, 30". We purchased it brand new in '98, and it worked well for 6 years. Always had tracking issues, even with new rollers and springs. Not saying bad about ioline, they're customer support has been great every time I have called, but I would take a graphtec over a super 88.

If you get a chance to watch the ioline in action before you purchase, bring a roll of old or cheap vinyl, and cut a rectangle 10 - 12 ' long. See how it tracks, and see if the lines meet when it cuts back to the starting point.


Steve C.

New Member
There is no question that the Graphtec will be you best choice. You will need to make your own decision based on your needs. The Ioline being almost twice as wide as the Ioline may be the decision maker, however, I have not had much need to cut over 24" until we started Wide Format Printing.

I have an Ioline Classic 24" that has worked well for 11 years. It does have some tracking problems over long cuts. We still use it daily.

I also have a Graphtec FC5100, 42". It is far times faster and more accurate than the Old Ioline. Keeping in mind of course that the Graphtec is brand new and the Ioline is a dinosaur.

From my experience, take the Graphtec.

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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Yo SteveC... li'l off topis, but did those 2 slightly enebriated good ol' boys lookin' for a "right now job" in purple for their Peterbilt hook up with you Friday?? Didja do 'em any good?

Steve C.

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Dave, Yes & yes. I did a quickie plain block Name & DOT# for customer install. Hope they sobered up some before they tried to stick it.