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Is anyone using Arlon DPF 510GTR w/ 3510G Laminate?

TSC Print Works

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I was curious how the vinyl/laminate holds up for outdoor purposes. I am looking for an economical vinyl/laminate combo for small runs of decals. Normally use Orafol or Avery Products but the price is really good on the Arlon. I currently print/cut with a Roland 300p. Arlon seems to have print profiles for the vinyl, but I thought I just might ask if anyone has had issues printing or issues using outdoors.


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Definitely short term POP stuff. We put them on some vehicles for a 6th moth thing and had some (10%) failure rate. I would suggest Oracal 3164 or my fave Arlon 4500, I think either are in that 130-150 54" x150' box price which is pretty darn good. Grimco Briteline stuff isn't terrible either and they have some good sales, we use that for corex or interior stuff only.


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I switched to the 510GT about a year ago due to constant head strikes on my HP 360 with the cheap Avery and Briteline vinyls. It prints great and I usually don't laminate unless the customer is wanting a glossy finish but I only use it for short term stuff like coroplast signs and temporary decals. So far I've had no failures but none of the signage was meant for long term outdoors. I printed some 8'x12' coroplast signs for a local racetrack about 6 months ago and they should look good yet for next racing season and maybe even the year after that if the sponsors renew and don't want any changes made. I would say as long as your'e not trying to get over 2-3 years it will hold up fine outdoors.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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I realize this is a dead thread but I find this really ironic. I use 3m IJ35C as my bottom line material, and I laminate it with Arlon 3420 satin and have never had much of a problem as far as shrinkage goes. The one I can recall was a 4500g Clear print with 3420 laminated over it, and it shrank about 1/8" all the way around a 12"x18".
I will say I love the 35c, it's very forgiving and stout, so you can try to work out a bubble, give up, rip it up, heat and re apply. I even wrapped my truck with 35c and arlon 3220 matte, and it looked great.... for a while at least.
I meant the arlon laminate designed for the 510 material which is 3510. The 34 and 32 series laminates are actually pretty good, used it for years before switching away to the 3M 8048 laminate.