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Question Is it possible to get bright colors from a latex printer?


Just call me Chester.
We have a L26500 printer and have been asked to quote a sign with almost flourescent colors.
We printed a sample from the PDF supplied by the customer and the colors look dull.
Not sure if these colors are within the range that the printer will print.
If they are flourescent then I understand we can't do them and would be looking for someone to print them on calendared material as 4x4's in batches of 12 at a time, laminated.

The attached PDF looks dull also but when imported into flexi looks much brighter like the signs they have had made and dropped off to us, probably done on a flatbed printer without lamination.


  • green.pdf
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Green is one of those tough colours because you're mixing 2 different colours to achieve it. I usually set the file up in RGB and let the RIP handle the conversion, gives best results. We have had a job where we ended up having to print green on reflective which the customer was very happy with after seeing samples on standard gloss. Another time we had to order cut vinyl.