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Is the sheeter worth the money?


New Member
I am considering a purchase of the sheeter!
Can you really use cold laminate in it and for masking is it worth the money?


Mike Paul

Super Active Member
Forget the laminate, It's not made for that. But as a application tape tool it's a great product and well worth the money.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Had one for about three years now and can't imagine going back to hand masking. You can apply cold laminate with it but it's a two person job. One to crank it through and one to pull away the laminate's release liner. It's definitely not designed with that in mind.


New Member
The Sheeter is worth every penny! Have had one for a little over a year now and what a time saver it is. Do a search for sheeter on this board and it should pull up some forums. In one of those is the place that is the cheapest for this item. I can not remember who has it now.