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Is there a Glyph Pallet in signlab 10


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is there a glyph pallet in sign lab 10?
And if there is how do I activate it

thank you in advance.


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Sign lab 10 does have a way to go through alternate characters in a font.
It is called character picker. Take a look at the image it's that C looking symbol.

It makes it really quick and effortless to make cool layouts using alternate characters from the same letter style.

I know I'm answering my own question but hopefully it will help someone.


  • character picker, glyph palette.jpg
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This got me thinking. I once worked out a way to get the extended characters to show in SignLab 8.
It's a weird, complicated, hidden, secret, easter eggy type of hack that no-one knows about.

I forgot how to do it for years, but just worked it out again!
Here's the combo:

1. Click A to get Text Tools.

2. Right click first A to bring up Font Detective.
(Note, doesnt work if you go ahead and click the F for font detective)

3. Choose Font Group, then the font you want.

4. Press Shift + Left Click the Select Button.

There they are! The whole Character map

I thought I'll write this down here so I can come back to it years later if I need to!
(I'm still happily running SL8)