Question Is there a Graphtec FC8600 video demonstration start-finish?

I use an HP L360 and Graphtec Fc8600 using Onyx 18.

My question is regarding how to set up for print and cut on the Graphtec?

How do I position the pinch rollers, where do I move the blade to? Do I press "set origin"?

I'm asking these questions because when I send to cut the first 2 or 3 decals does a half-cut just fine, then all of a sudden it skews completely off.

What is weird is that when I flip the media 180° and select 180° on my cut server, it tends to do a better job. The Graphtec takes a little longer to read the registration marks, but it's worth it in the end.

I typically run long half-cut jobs on a 54" sheet. Probably most of the time it's 54" x 60" sheet using my HP L360
Load the media, use the platen as a guide to getting your print straight. You can do it be eye or feel by putting a finger over each crop mark and moving it until it feels close to straight.
Depending on how much lead material you have, you can either use roll mode 1 (which spools right to the leading edge) or mode 2 which leaves the media in place and doesn't feed it back.
After it's all loaded up, use the arrows to position the blade within the closest crop mark and then send the job to the cutter.

This has been our process for year on our Graphtec and doesn't fail us.

Just found this video which shows the process:
Onyx does not like rotate in cut server....I have not tried it in v19, but I know earlier versions was buggy. Are you new to the shop? No training at install? I always ask this because a reseller should be teaching you how to use the equipment when they deliver it.
There are tons of videos on you tube. Graphtec and Onyx have their own channels. You can print out a print cut workflow from Onyx's website to set up your quickset. Graphtec's website has every video under the sun posted. Its how they train and provide tech support.