Is there service manual for GX-24 ?


Is there one available ?

after doing a bit of cutting, the display suddenly read "motor error".
I turned the machine off and on, and before starting to cut again, the head suddenly moved fast all the way to the left banging onto the side, then read "motor error" again.

I restarted the machine again and after that everything seemed fine and cut beautifully again with no problem. First time this is doing this, beats me man !! So I wonder if there is some calibration setting/checking that I can do in "service mode".

Thanks all in advance for your inputs.


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Your vinyl got pinched . jammed and made the cutting head out of alignment. When it runs itself all the way to the edge, as horrible as it sounds, it is righting itself.

It's happened to me a couple of times, but not to worry. Sometimes the vinyl will get off track and gather up all on one side; sometimes it will fold over itself and jam. All result in motor error. Not to worry; it shuts itself down to prevent the motor from burning up if it gets jammed.