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Hi everyone

I have an xc 540 with bulksystem and it was running good for some years and from time to time we changed the dampers and caps. For 1 month ago i printet around 30 meter of vinyl and the magenta stopped working and shortly the cyan also stopped.

We changed the following.

1) All caps and dampers on all printhead
2) we changed 4 printhead cables and found out the fuse on mainboard was not working, we replaced that.
3) We sucked the ink to the dampers etc. We also sucked from under the caps.
4) Soaked the printhead for almost 24 hours.

Now the situation is that only yellow and light magenta is working.
When im looking under the printhead i can see that there is free passage for the ink to come out, i can see the ink on the nozzels but still no ink is printet when i make test print.

I dont know what more to do..

is this some electrical problem? what more can i do ?

Best regards