Issues with Hexis carbon fiber vinyl


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Hi, everyone, just new to this forum, got a issue with hexis vinyl.

I tried to wrap my hood with the Hexis carbon fiber vinyl 60' ones, somehow the air channel does not work properly. It actually formed a lot of air bubble underneath, and it won' go away!!!If you push hard enough, some small bubbles can go away, but certainly not big ones.

I have been using 3M 1080 all the time no problem perfect vinyl, but just heard of the greatness of Hexis, somehow disappointed a bit.

Has anyone experienced this kind of issue with Hexis carbon fiber vinyl?

UPDATE: One of my friend wrapped his car using hexis gloss orange, and he did not have this kind of problem, instead, he thinks hexis vinyl are too thin compare to 3M ones.

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I have wraped several things with the hexis materials both carbon fiber and regular colors and i have to say never had any real problems. The vinyl went down like any other air release vinyl.

But the Hexis initiall tack is real tacky thats the only real down side for me any ways.