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I've updated, now what


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I recently upgraded from CorelDraw 10 to the X3 graphics suite. I love it. But I 've always used SignLab ES2 to run my plotter. The new Corel will not work with Signlab. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Try exporting as a pdf or eps if all you are doing is using signlab to cut. I have signlab 7.1 and corel 12 and can not import corel drawing and talked to signlab tech support and after sending them the file they said the best way was to export as pdf and import into signlab. hope this answers your question. Also they said they would be working on a fix but didn't know when it would be out.


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I use SignLab and Corel 10 and I either cut/paste from SignLab or export as a cmx file to Corel. It' works for me. I just recieved X3 upgrade and it will be fun," yea right" trying to get it work. I'll post my results. SignLab was CadLink a(computer aided design LINK) cut program for Corel a million years ago and had export filters that worked flawlessly. Used Corel for the design and cut from CadLink.That is when I had Cadlink 3 and Corel 7. I even know a sign artist that still uses the DOS version of Cadlink and Corel 2 with WFN fonts.Talk about getting your moneys worth.


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Hey, DOS CadLINK!... that's what I used for quite some time and it worked great with Corel 1 and CadLINK 1.02 (if I correctly recall the sticker on it's dongle!) Did a whole lot of 22" x 23 ft decals and paint masks (airline name on jet aircraft) that paneled perfectly ...well, as long as I babysat the CAMM1 so it didn't wander off too far! Gotta love those sprocket Gerbers for that! But I had to export out of Corel as a PRN for Cadlink(SignLab?). Perhaps this is worth a go.

Just had a look and PRN is no longer a file type in the Export or Save As in Corel 12...maybe X3? I tried saving as a HPGL PLT file and then imported back in to Corel and the outline is there.
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