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JFX-1631 with compatible printhead


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Please help me.
We have Mimaki JFX-1631 with Toshiba CE4 printheads, all of them are dead now ):

We found out that Toshiba CE4M are about half the price compare to the CE4, and want to try and installed them in our printer.
The heads look the same in spec. (a bit of Drop volume difference).
The cover is different but we have our old covers of the ce4 that can be replaced.
Does anyone tried it or know why not to try?


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Hi there,

I am in the same situation. Could you give me any info about this, if you have any news? I also try to get datasheets or other related stuff, about these toshiba tec printhead family.

If somebody have any related info, please inform us.

Thank you so mutch!!!



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CE4M and CE2 almost identical. The pinouts are the same. The internal heat temp. resistor values also identical. But there are differences:
- 5pL drop volume (binary mode)
- waveform characteristics (AL2-6)
- cover

Arizonas use the drop levels 1-2-3-4-6. Each levels are the multiplications of the nozzle native drop size, what is 5pL. So the maximum drop volume would be only 30pL instead of 36pL. That counts on all print modes, except HD mode, what is full binary, not grayscaled.

I have bought and tested the CE4M, it have a nice box with Voltages and the waveform ID. But in your system software (check registry) havent any binary info about this head type. This head family need other AL1..9 or Precursor binaries to drive the head normaly!

So, you should know, this head is not perfectly change the original one.


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Hi guys! I have MIMAKI JFX-1631, the original head is (replacing M008386 & KX-CE308644CS-CE4 number M018821, but I want to install Toshiba CE4W1 (Ref. CE4W1 - DP part: PPHTO87940), it is three times cheaper. I read the characteristics of the head - the same. Has anyone tried? Will it work well or will there be problems? Thank!


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It will works. But not perfectly the same way. Firing waves will be different, so may cause moires or graining in high details.
You should set the voltages in the software, that is important.


Sales and services from S. California
Hey Guys,

I know it is tough to buy new printheads all at once but what if the printheads don't work? Now not working printheads + Mimaki printheads. We used to buy compatible DX5 heads and guess what? Many printers would accept it except Mimaki JV5 printers. They seem to have imbeded firmware or whatever that is so your printer will not accept anything other than original. We are a Mimaki dealer and we sell original Printhead. We would install it with Mimaki warranty in S. California.