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Need Help job offer not sure about pricing pulling it off


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As usual once you dont expect any job it comes your way, got offered to do vinyl wrap on a vw caddy 2015

basically wrapping 70% on both sides logo some edgy shapes and phone number with some text.

Now ive no experience doing larger cuts or application so this would be my first one, but i find difficulty that design contains 4 prob 5 colors, biggest piece would run from front base of the wheels to the headlights and would be largest piece in black. a lot of other design parts could be applied onto black before putting on transfer paper.

logo would be easy as have already done it previously so only difference would be it would require outline of different color.

Now to be fair i have all equipment needed as in vinyl- black could be an issue as got 15inch rollls, rest of colors would be fine.

But not sure do i get measurements of vehicle first ? secondary and most importantly there's plenty of ways to screw up from my experience what do i charge, it would prob take me 8-10h to get design outlined and prepped for cutting& wedding but application even thou its mostly flat would prob take 4-6 hours at least as its my first go, so ive no idea what i would charge, plus doing two sides, thou i know person and i could have some flexibility and changes but still consider it a big job and not sure if i should think about it or just refer to someone who does wrap-print.

posting this as not feeling confident and pretty sure dont wanna waste ton of vinyl if i mess up, which i did plenty of times on way smaller jobs, only pro besides making some cash it would be something that i could showcase as stepping stone. any input appreciated.


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Education costs money, you're going to waste vinyl and work for free (whether planned of not) to learn. Doing a wrap with 15" vinyl is a bit silly. You wont learn anything doing things improperly and its really a waste of everyone's time including your guinea pig. Don't worry about what to charge as much as you consider the intrinsic educational value and a customer that will end up being very annoyed with the process.
As far as equipment, it is not the key to business, anyone can go and buy it.

Jun Lanon

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I've been to exhibition shows where they wrap a vehicle on the spot. I've gained some knowledge about it as I sit and watch. Trade shows do help as well.


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thx for input guys as i work only with sign vinyl its not meant for wrapping i have worked out main logo text thats pretty much straight forward but see pic attached below - that i think would need to be done in wrapped printed vinyl, as normal one wouldnt be able to flex around corners or edges thus easy to ruin batch of vinyl if its off slightly.

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