Job Tracking


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Guys im curious how you guys keep track of all your orders.
Do you use Docket Folders?, spreadsheets?, some online thing? software?
is it all digital or use paper forms?

im running into problems where i have so many items on the go i cant keep track of who is working on what and when something is done etc.
it can drive you crazy!

ive tried the spreadsheet thing where each item is tracked with a due date and the stages, Design, Approval, Materials, Print , Assembly are tracked and sometimes it works well but sometimes not.

I would appreciate any help.


There is software available that does all your order tracking for you.

For me, I print every invoice and keep a copy in a filing cabinet, and also keep a copy on the computer for quick reference.

Locals Find!

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we use a simple system that I have seen in every offset printer I have ever worked for.

We use the poly envelopes that mechanics use. We put all the work orders/Purchase orders, notes, art proofs, quotes etc.. into the envelope then we have pegs on the wall for the whole cycle from quoting through production to pickup & invoicing.

We tag jobs that have priority with colored labels green for standard, yellow for expedited, red for RUSH (as in needed it yesterday)

Very simple less confusing and everything is in one neat tidy place so you don't have post its floating around everywhere.

When your done you empty it all out into the clients Manila envelope (the kind with the folding tabs) for the job and place it all in there file in the filing cabinet for next time.

Don't make things too complicated for yourself. The clients will do enough of that for you.