Need Help Jobs not loading into control head on SWF C-UK


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Suddenly, when loading a new job into the control head from my computer, I get as far as the screen where you select input type. (Mine is a 9 pin serial cable which is fed from the computer by a USB to serial converter.) I select "serial", hit enter, it reads 'now data loading', but instead of progressing to the next screen, it bounces back to the previous screen, 'select input type'. I tried a different serial cable, two actually: one off my plotter and a new one piece USB to serial, with no change. SWF no longer handles their own tech support; stitch-it international does and that's not getting me any answers so far other than 'mail us the head we'll go through it for 4 grand'....sure would like to know if anyone ever had this problem and solved it! We're dead in the water.